Boma Vegan Dinner Review – Reopened Buffet at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Boma recently reopened at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, with full buffet service returning to Walt Disney World. We have a review of the vegan Boma breakfast buffet options, with a lot of background on Boma itself, so be sure to check that post out. Our updated review below covers the newly reopened Boma and the vegan dinner offerings. You can also watch our video review of vegan breakfast and dinner at Boma!

Vegan Disney Food Review: Breakfast at Boma in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World

Breakfast gave us quite a few vegan options at Boma, but dinner, has almost too many to count! What’s missing is a traditional “entree” type replacement, but we have sides for days at Boma. Since buffets usually offer a meat carving station, we can skip that whole area but many of the sides are very high in protein, so we won’t feel like we are just eating unfulfilling side dishes.

Vegan Disney Food Review: Breakfast at Boma in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World

We spoke to one of the chefs, who explained that with the reopening, they want to ensure consistency with each guest visiting that may have vegan or allergy dietary needs. Previously, depending on who was working, you might be able to get a tofu scramble or falafel, or something extra like that. They are now hoping that the available items stand on their own and you won’t feel the need to try and get something else, and worry that you missed out because a certain chef isn’t working. Let’s see what you have to choose from for vegan items at Boma dinner service.

plant-based logo sign Boma Walt Disney World

Boma Hot Buffet Vegan Items

Since it’s kind of difficult to take photos of the food items on a buffet with a sneeze guard without sticking my phone underneath, I have photos of the plates I brought back to the table. You can see more of the buffet line up itself on our video review, where I could zoom in and I show you all the menu item signs there too.

vegan Boma dinner

Our first plate has the hot options: olive oil herb-crusted potatoes, basmati rice, spiced green beans with golden raisins and West-African black-eyed peas with stewed tomatoes. The potatoes were so good, very garlicky and flavorful. The rice was also very flavorful, the beans were beans haha and the black-eyed peas were also great. I’m not normally a huge black-eyed pea fan (the food not the band) but these were really delicious!

Boma Cold Buffet Vegan Items

vegan Boma dinner

For the cold salads, we had 3 different kinds of hummus, traditional, sun-dried tomato, and cilantro, which you can enjoy with pita wedges. The French rolls are also vegan. We then have a Berbere chickpea salad which was chock full of flavors, and the North African cauliflower salad which had a bit of a curry flavor and was a favorite for me. There is also a mixed green salad station, where you can add everything except the feta cheese and dressings. But ask your server and the chefs can mix you up a vinaigrette dressing.

vegan Boma dinner harira

Also in the hot food area, right before the soups (which sadly didn’t have any vegan options that night), is a dish called harira. Harira is a lentil and tomato stew with onions and green peppers. It’s a sweet and savory dish, seasoned with cinnamon and ginger. I enjoyed it.

vegan Boma dinner papaya avocado

This was a lovely option – avocado with papaya and grapefruit. I didn’t think I would enjoy it at all, but I really loved it! The flavors and textures were perfect.

Don’t forget, you can get as many servings as you want of anything you really enjoy here.

Boma Off-Menu Vegan Items

I know I mentioned above about the chefs not wanting to create anything extra because of the many options available, but our wonderful chef did make us some falafel since I had told him how much we used to love getting falafel before. More than just bringing out some falafel on a dish, he whipped up some lentil dal for the falafel to sit on, and topped it with some arugula dressed with the vegan vinaigrette. It was SO. GOOD.

vegan Boma dinner falafel

I would eat this falafel and lentil dal for breakfast lunch and dinner. It was so good. I would LOVE if Disney would add falafel (or a tofu option) out on the buffet and it would really be a perfect experience for everyone.

Boma Off Menu Vegan Dessert Items

vegan Boma dinner flamingo cake

Lastly, there weren’t any vegan options out on the dessert buffet, where in the past they did have one option there. However if you tell your server, the chefs can bring you some of the chocolate spice cake from The Mara.

vegan Boma dinner flamingo cake

Also available are tofutti brand ice cream and sorbet. Our wonderful chef Matt brought us out some strawberry sorbet with our chocolate cake. A perfect ending!

vegan Boma dinner sorbet


The Boma buffet is currently priced at $49 per adult and $29 per child aged 3-9, plus tax and gratuity. In my opinion, that IS a little pricy. The food is wonderful, but without a main replacement vegan entree, it’s a bit overpriced in my opinion. If we had an entree and multiple dessert options, I think it would definitely be worth it. (But I will still go back because I love it.)

Boma is still one of my favorite places at Walt Disney World, if you visit, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Watch our video of the vegan breakfast and dinner options here:


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