New Line of Disney Reusable Merchandise for Earth Month

Disney has made some major steps toward reducing single-use plastics by removing plastic straws, offering Disney Reusable Silicone Straws and Disney Reusable Utensils for sale, and of course water bottles. They’ve now released a whole new line of reusable/sustainable merchandise that is making its way to the parks and Disney Springs. We found this collection at World of Disney in Disney Springs, but the line has also been spotted at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

This new line of merchandise is labeled: Play, Drink, Repeat or Fun, Eat, Repeat depending on if it’s on a food storage or drink item.

Disney Reusable Merch line

In addition to a Mickey-Earth-themed t-shirt for $24.99, there are several kitchen items and things that will make being more sustainable in the parks easier to accomplish, with a Disney flair of course.

Disney Reusable merch line earth day shirt

Play, Drink, Repeat

There are several water bottles, including a smaller kid-size bottle:

Disney Reusable kids water bottle

Kids/smaller Reusable Water Bottle – $19.99

Disney Reusable water bottle

Metal Reusable Water Bottle – $34.99

Foldable Reusable Disney Water Bottle

There is also a very cool FOLDABLE Reusable Water Bottle – $22.99. The whole thing folds up and is held in place with the strap shown here. You can see one folded up in this display bin.

Foldable Reusable Disney Water Bottle
You can see it folded up here courtesy of

There are also quite a few silicone straw sets in this new line:

Disney Reusable silicone straw


The Play Drink Repeat line Reusable Silicone Straw with carrying case and straw cleaner – $7.99. The orange silicone straw has the Mickey head Play Drink Repeat logo attached and the case has a handy strap.

Disney Reusable silicone straw


Eat, Play, Repeat

Disney Reusable lunch bag

This Reusable Lunch Bag – $34.99 is large enough to bring lots of snacks in the parks or to work/school.


Disney Reusable bento box

An adorable little Bento Box-style container – $24.99.


Disney Reusable silicone snack bag

This Silicone Reusable Snack Bag  – $12.99 may look like a hard-plastic container, but it’s soft and squishy in person. A great replacement for endless ziploc bags in your park backpack!

Disney Reusable merch line utensil and straw kit

You can see another Reusable Utensil Set with silicone straw and straw cleaner, in a cloth holder that rolls up for easy carrying. This was not available for sale yet at World of Disney when we visited.

Disney Reusable Merch line

Other Reusable Disney Merchandise Items

Here are some other items from the display case, not all were out for sale at World of Disney, including the 4 Dish Towel Set – $24.99 in a reusable pouch, what appears to be a bamboo serving spoon, and the Utensil and Silicone Straw Set we showed above. There is also another 4 Silicone Straw set with brush and carrying pouch for $19.99 not pictured, which comes with 4 different colored straws with Drink, Play, Repeat on each bendable straw and 2 logo straw charms. We’ll update as we get more info on this Eat, Play, Drink, Fun, Repeat line of reusable merchandise.

Of course Disney also announced they will be releasing another easy-to-carry Bamboo Reusable Utensil Set with the Disney Parks logo this spring. We’ll update when we see those available for sale in the parks.

Will you be picking up one of these Disney Parks reusable items? Be sure to tag #VeganDisneyFood in your instagram photos to share your vegan finds in the Disney parks and resorts!


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