What’s Vegan at Space 220 Restaurant in EPCOT?

Space 220 immersive restaurant is housed next to Mission: Space in the former Future World section of EPCOT. As we waited for the doors to open, we asked ourselves, what will be vegan at Space 220? We now have an answer as Space 220 has been open since September 20!

Our review below is updated as of March 2022, when we tried and reviewed the new vegan Quinoa Burger for lunch at Space 220. We also have a video of our experience: 

Leading up to opening, we saw the entrance signs for Space 220 safely housed behind boxes. Closer to opening, the boxes were removed and the signs revealed. Space 220 opened on September 20, with reservations also opening that day. Since then, reservations have been a hot commodity and they are booked through December, but you are able to join a walk-up list for lounge dining, and you may get lucky with the My Disney Experience app, as I did.

Space 220 restaurant


Space 220 sign

Space 220 restaurant will give you the feeling of dining 220 miles up from earth. You’ll look out into space and down at our home planet while you dine. 

When you enter the restaurant, you are greeted by a very sleek waiting area: 

Space 220 waiting area

The Space 220 interior check-in area. 

Guests receive a physical boarding pass to ride the Space Elevator.

Space 220 boarding pass

Space 220 Stellarvator

The “Stellar-vator” gives you fun views of EPCOT as you rise the 220 miles to the restaurant. The sky does change from day to night too depending on when you dine.

Space 220 interior

When you exit the Stellar-vator, you walk down this walkway, and on the left, see this “Grow Zone” where they are growing vegetables in space. This effect is kind of trippy as it’s rotating and if you stand there watching it, it feels like you’re moving too. A fun nod to Horizons and Living with the Land. 

Space 220 grow zone

As you keep walking, you get to the next area, the wine display room. It may be hard to notice, but there are wine bottles in each little hole. 

Space 220 interior

Space-220 interior

The interior is super sleek and space-like, as you might imagine.

Space 220 interior

The views are pretty fun, keep an eye out for astronauts floating by as well as other space things. 

Space 220 interior

This seating area and vast window is giving me major Sea Castle vibes from Horizons (which I know was the undersea future but still).

You can view the entire menu on the Space 220 site.

As you can see on the menu, Space 220 will offer a Prix Fixe menu for lunch, at $55 per person which includes an appetizer and entree. The dinner prix fixe menu will be $79 per person and include appetizer, entree, and dessert. Appetizers listed above feature a Galaxy Grain Salad, and the Space Greens (shown below) is not vegan due to honey in the dressing but they can bring you out an alternative dressing if you aren’t a quinoa fan.

space 220 salad

First up when we dined, the Galaxy Grain Salad. This salad comes with Hen of the Woods mushrooms pr maitake, which translates to “dancing mushroom,” reputedly for its lively resemblance to the “waving hands and kimono sleeves of dancing girls” according to the internet,  but your salad may vary based on availability. 

Space 220 vegan Galaxy Grains salad

Here’s a close-up of the vegan Galaxy Grains salad at Space 220. The salad consists of quinoa, beluga lentils, yellow and red beats, the mushrooms, and cashew hummus, along with greens dressed with a citrus vinaigrette. 

Space 220 vegan Galaxy Grains salad

I LOVED this salad. It was so full of flavor and textures, my friend and I both instantly said we would be happy with this as an entree. I think if we came back again, we’d dine in the lounge and get this salad and dessert a la carte (a benefit of lounge dining, you don’t have to do the prix fixe menu). 

Here is the Galaxy Grain Salad from our most recent visit:

Galaxy Grains Salad Space 220


The dinner entrees include one vegan item, the Terra-Bolognese, featuring plant-based tempeh ragu and macadamia nut ricotta. For lunch at Space 220, you can choose from the Terra-Bolognese or the Quinoa Burger.

Space 220 vegan Terra Bolognese pasta

The Space 220 Terra-Bolognese features the Bolognese layered on top and under the pasta so you have enough for every bite. 

Space 220 vegan Terra Bolognese pasta

This dish was a disappointment for me. The flavors just weren’t there. The Bolognese was pretty flat and tasteless. The macadamia nut ricotta was interesting and the lemon zest on top helped, but that was really the most flavor I got from the entire dish – the lemon zest. 

The pasta and veggies themselves were good, but again, just kind of flat in the flavor department and for $80, not worth it for me. 

Dessert gives us a vegan plant-based Carrot Cake, which I had heard good things about:

Space 220 vegan carrot cake

The good reviews were valid, this is an amazing dessert. Be warned, the frosting is a bit salty, but it balances well with the smooth and rich carrot cake and the textures of the candied walnuts and pepitas. The only odd choice for me was the carrot puree added to the plate, which reminded me of baby food and didn’t match the rest of the flavors well in my opinion. There is also a fruit sorbet option if you’d prefer.

Where the pasta lacked in flavor and salt, the cake made up for it. So again, my recommendation here is try for the lounge and grab the salad and dessert and a fun drink and enjoy the views. I think this may be a bit of a novelty and once everyone that wants to try it does, it may not be a must-visit based on the price and difficulty getting a reservation. The views are cool, but I don’t think it’s enough of a “show” to warrant a repeat visit for me. But then again, I still miss Horizons, so take my opinion with a grain of salt (and then add that to the pasta cause it needs it 😉 )

As far as the side items go, they are all made with butter, but CAN be made without, so if you’d like to try any of them, just tell your server you want them made vegan without butter. The cauliflower starter cannot be made vegan as there is dairy in the batter as well as the Buffalo sauce and of course the blue cheese dust. 


Space 220 Menu


Dessert is included with Space 220 dinner service, but not lunch, where the vegan dessert can be added for $14 (and sorbet for $10 – as of our most recent visit they had lemon, strawberry or mango sorbet).
Space 220 Menu

Here are the cocktails and zero-proof cocktails available:




Jupiter Fizz, Big Tang, Moon Rocks Space 220

Pictured here is the Jupiter Fizz on the left, the Moon Rocks in my middle (this was for my son, note Pop Rocks are NOT vegan and have dairy in them), and the Big Tang (without the astronaut ice cream). I got the Big Tang and really enjoyed it. 

The restaurant will also have more than 1,000 bottles of the world’s finest wines and a wide selection of craft beer. This is the wine display room below:

Space 220 wine display

With the purchase of any zero proof (non-alcoholic) cocktail or children’s meal, guests will receive a pack of Space 220 Collectible Trading Cards. Designed exclusively for and only distributed at Space 220 Restaurant, these limited-edition packs of cards feature original artwork and trivia facts about space exploration, food in space, and the sky-high innovations at Space 220 Restaurant.

Space 220 Trading Cards


If you visit Space 220, let us know what you think! If you’re looking for our vegan Quinoa Burger at Space 220 review, we’ve got you covered. Also enjoy our complete guide to eating vegan at EPCOT and the rest of the Walt Disney World Parks:


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