New Vegan Options at Disney’s Value Resorts & Port Orleans

Out of the blue, All-Star Sports updated their menu at the long-awaited resort reopening, with some pretty unique vegan options! We wanted to head right over and check them out. We’ll share our reviews below and which items are worth trying. There are new plant-based breakfast and plant-based lunch/dinner items. UPDATE: As of June 2022, these options are now available at ALL Value resorts and Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter. So the menu items listed below are exactly the same at all of these locations. 

Disney’s All Star Sports Resort at Walt Disney World

All-Star Sports was the last resort to reopen during the pandemic which closed all Walt Disney World Resort hotels in 2020. On March 31, 2022, All-Star Sports opened its doors again and with it came some exciting new plant-based menu options. The resort rooms have not been refurbished as the other value resorts have, but they do anticipate starting the refurb process in the summer. 

All-Star Sports Resort End Zone Food Court


All-Star Sports Vegan Breakfast Options:

First up, for breakfast, we have a few delicious vegan options.

The menu is available to order at the counter, or mobile order, making it easy to plan ahead and pick up your breakfast without much wait. Vegan breakfast options include the Mickey-shaped Frittata, Plant-based Mickey Waffles, and plant-based Overnight Oats with blueberries and walnuts. 

vegan breakfast Disney's All-Star Sports End Zone Food Court

The Plant-based Mickey Frittata is made with Just Egg, spinach, tomatoes and onions, with plant-based mozzarella, served with potato barrels and mixed fruit – $10.99

This frittata was SO good! I thought it was going to be just egg (as in only Just Egg) but then I flipped them over and saw all the veggie goodness inside. They were so full of flavor, and the melted vegan mozzarella on top added the perfect texture. It was also a great portion size, with two included sides. I would go out of my way to get this, I wish it was available at every resort!

All-Star Sports Resort End Zone Food Court

Next up, the Plant-based Mickey Waffles for $10.49, which includes potato barrels. I was wondering if this was a separate waffle from the usual allergy-friendly gluten-free waffles, but I was told they were the same. They did taste a bit cinnamon-y to me but maybe that was just my imagination. If you have allergies, I’d ask to be sure. 

vegan Mickey waffles Disney's All-Star Sports End Zone Food Court

At our visit, they did not have any vegan butter available, but they said it is coming in, so hopefully it will be there when you arrive. 

vegan overnight oats Disney's All-Star Sports End Zone Food Court

Lastly, the Plant-Based Overnight Oats with blueberries and walnuts$5.29 which are available at other value resorts as well. This is a really great option and super filling before your day in the parks. The Overnight Oats are available in the Grab and Go refrigerated section as well as mobile order. I really enjoyed the flavor of these oats. 

All-Star Sports Resort End Zone Food Court

All-Star Sports Resort Vegan Lunch/Dinner Options:

I will be the first to say, when I saw these menu updates, I was a little skeptical about plant-based tuna salad. I was proven very wrong. I was shocked at how much I loved it. 

All-Star Sports Resort End Zone Food Court

First, there is an Impossible Burger, topped with Carolina-style BBQ jackfruit and pickled slaw, and vegan cheddar (which was out when I ordered). The Impossible Burger is $12.79 and comes with choice of fries or apple slices.

I am not a huge fan of jackfruit, or Carolina-style bbq (I love the Carolinas tho just not a mustard fan), so while this burger was slightly different from the norm, I probably wouldn’t order it again. You may love it though. What I will order again, are the following two items:

Vegan Tuna Salad All-Star Sports End Zone Food Court

This is the Plant-Based Tuna Salad for $10.99. The tuna is completely vegan and soy-based. I was shocked at the taste. It doesn’t taste fishy at all, but the texture of tuna is there. I absolutely loved it. The tuna salad has great flavors, and the Greek salad it is served on is delicious too! It comes fully dressed with a  vinaigrette, and some pita bread wedges, which tasted like they were cooked in the pizza oven and so good! I cannot say enough good things about this salad. It is a wonderful addition to the menu. HOWEVER, there are some warnings and things you must make sure of when ordering and before eating this salad. 

If plant-based tuna is not your thing, or you have a soy allergy, they also offer the Greek Salad with red pepper hummus for the same price, instead of tuna. In the app, this is listed as plant-based, but it is not on the menu inside the food court. On the menu board, it comes with dairy feta, so be sure to order it without if you are vegan.

There are EIGHT different salads, five of which are Greek salads. The non-plant-based Greek salads have dairy feta cheese, and the Greek dressing they use also contains feta. SO, you’ll need to ensure that you do NOT have feta or Greek dressing on your salad. The vinaigrette and the fat-free Italian dressing are vegan. The vinaigrette is supposed to come on the Plant-based Tuna Salad, but we were served it with Greek dressing and feta today.

This is very frustrating and obviously not ok for people with dairy allergies (or really anyone if you order something plant-based). So please please be sure you check before you eat. Hopefully Disney can do some sort of very quick education of what vegan means to all its chefs and food and beverage cast members. As a result, you cannot really mobile order these because you risk getting served dairy. Please be sure to speak to a chef or make sure someone is making you the vegan version. 

If you’re in the mood for a sandwich, there is a Plant-based Tuna Salad Sandwich as well. The vegan tuna salad sandwich is $9.99 and doesn’t come with any sides, but it is a pretty big sandwich, cut into 3 pieces, with very thick bread. 

Vegan Tuna Salad Sandwich All-Star Sports End Zone Food Court

The multi-grain bread was hearty and rustic, with a good layer of lettuce and red onions on the sandwich. I would order this again as well. Another great option. 

All-Star Sports Resort End Zone Food Court

Lastly, we have a totally vegan cupcake! The Plant-Based Allergy-friendly Cupcake is $5.29. It is available in the Grab and Go section, so you can read ingredients if you need to, or you can mobile order. It is a chocolate cupcake topped with vanilla “buttercream” and chocolate shavings. When I smelled it, I thought it was going to be SOOO sweet, but it wasn’t overly so, it was a very nice cupcake and I really enjoyed it. So happy to have that option for us!

Vegan Cupcake All-Star Sports End Zone Food Court

Overall, All-Star Sports is really showing us what’s possible for vegans at theme park resorts! These options are all great choices, more than just a burger or just oatmeal, I’m so happy to see them, and happy that they are delicious! Disney, if you’re reading this, thank you and please, more like this – AND please educate your cast so these “mix-ups” don’t keep happening. 

Vegan Cupcake All-Star Sports End Zo

Let me know if you head over to try these out and what you think, and of course tag me in your #VeganDisneyFood photos on instagram so I can share them too! 

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