Vegan Food Truck Options at Disney’s Fort Wilderness

There’s been a new kind of round-up happening over at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground – a Food Truck Round-Up! These food trucks have been appearing over by Trail’s End and Pioneer Hall, and we wanted to share the vegan food truck options you may find there. With the Hoop Dee Doo Revue still dark, and Trail’s End not offering its usual buffet service (it is serving family style skillets, but it’s not the same), there have been a selection of food trucks showing up to offer additional options to guests staying at the resort. 

Fort Wilderness at Christmas

Originally these trucks were scheduled on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and were set to end after Thanksgiving. But then they extended them to daily and they are still happening. We hope they will continue into December, and if you are there visiting, at least you’ll know you can probably find a meal or a snack or a dessert from these choices. They appear to run from 4-10pm in the roundabout near Trail’s End and the Settlement Trading Post. 

Fort Wilderness Food Trucks

Friends were there before Thanksgiving and were able to get a vegan taco at one of the trucks, as well as a dairy-free ice cream. Recently another friend visited and was able to find quite a few things at the Cilantro Urban Eatery truck, Toasted truck, and vegan soft serve at Carousel’s truck. Your mileage may vary depending on what trucks are there, or if they are there at all, but we wanted to spread the word that there were some vegan items to enjoy. 

Fort Wilderness Food Trucks Vegan ice cream
Dairy-free ice cream – the cone and sprinkles have not been confirmed vegan. Photo courtesy of @sparklynicole

One of the trucks featured is the Cilantro Urban Eatery, which was at Disney Springs Westside recently for Hispanic Heritage month and is a local favorite. They offer vegan modified items by removing cheese and chipotle mayo. 

Fort Wilderness Food Trucks Vegan burrito
This vegan burrito was modified by removing cheese and chipotle mayo and adding pineapple jalapeno salsa.


Fort Wilderness Food Trucks

Also there is Toasted, which has brick and mortar locations as well. They normally offer vegan burgers but did not have those in the truck. They can make a vegan grilled cheese on a shared grill, or add vegan cheese to tater tots. 

Toasted Vegan Tater Tots

There are even dessert options at the Fort Wilderness food truck round-up with the Carousel’s Soft Serve Icery. The dairy-free and completely vegan flavors were cherry, mango, blue raspberry and cotton candy. 

Vegan Carousel ice cream

Fort Wilderness Food Trucks

Thanks to Amanda Tinney for sending over most of the photos in this vegan Food Truck Round-Up at Fort Wilderness post. If we head out there ourselves, we’ll update this post with more info! 

Fort Wilderness at Christmas

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