What’s Vegan at the New Gelateria Toscana in EPCOT’s Italy?

The much anticipated Gelateria Toscana has opened! Located on the edge of the Italy pavilion in Walt Disney World’s EPCOT, the official Gelateria Toscana menu doesn’t seem to offer too much for vegans. We checked the place out on its opening day and have the scoop (literally!) for you to find out what’s vegan at Gelateria Toscana.


EPCOT Italy pavilion

So What’s Vegan at Gelateria Toscana?

From the menu, we assumed all that would be vegan is the Sorbetti or fruit sorbet. And we were right! The menu is actually very similar to the previous gelato spot that was on the other side of the pavilion, and also served at the little cart with the donkey.

Gelateria Toscana Epcot vegan

We learned on opening day that they plan to make their own waffle cones, but right now are using (accidentally) vegan Joy brand waffle cones. Hopefully if they start making waffle cones once operations return to normal, they’ll keep those around, since waffle cones usually contain eggs and dairy.

Additionally, they serve espresso drinks, but unfortunately have no dairy-free milks to make lattes with or add to your coffee. They actually suggested the Joffrey’s kiosk right next door, which does have great dairy-free and vegan options, so we agreed on that!

What we do have are two fruit sorbet flavors: lemon and strawberry. We tried them both and they were both refreshing and delicious. Each serving is two scoops, and you can mix and have a scoop of each flavor. We got a cup and a cone. The waffle cone is $8.50 and the cup is $7.50.

Vegan Strawberry Sorbet at Gelateria Toscana


Lemon Sorbet Gelateria Toscana vegan
Vegan Lemon Sorbet at Gelateria Toscana

Gelateria Toscana Vegan Review

The strawberry was deliciozo! It really tasted like they just put fresh strawberries in a blender and froze them. You can even see the little flecks of strawberry seeds in the sorbet. It was not too sweet, just the right amount and so refreshing too. I’m really excited to have this option when I’m in the mood for an ice cream.

Lemon is tart and refreshing as well, less sweet than the strawberry for those that want a more tangy flavor vs. sweet. Mixing the two together would be a great option, but it’s going to be hard for me to not pick strawberry every time.

You could definitely share this with a friend as you stroll around the World Showcase. Of course there are also a lot of fun alcoholic beverages here which are all vegan from what we were told. For the non-vegans that may be with you, there are also sundae and snack options as well.

The Gelateria Toscana is a great addition visually to the Italy pavilion. While we don’t have too many vegan options, we do have a couple, so a good option when you’re in the mood for something sweet or tart and frozen on the very hot Florida days we are currently experiencing.

Have you tried this new spot over in EPCOT? Let us know in the comments and be sure to tag us in your #VeganDisneyFood photos on instagram!


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