NEW Vegan Items Coming to Geyser Point October 11

We’ve mentioned before that Disney is on a roll with constantly updating menus – including vegan items – and Geyser Point is the latest one to get some new options, starting October 11. Previously, Geyser Point did not have anything officially plant-based on the menu. There was an off-menu plant-based burger and you could modify some of the salads. Now, however, we have 3 (yes THREE) new plant-based options. Let’s dig in to the news from the DisneyParksBlog

The Macaroni and ‘Cheese’ Bites are “cheesy” bites of goodness paired with tomato and peppers. This is one starter you’ll definitely want to order. The Vegetable Burger with ‘Cheese’ is a fantastic plant-based option. It’s topped with a spicy slaw, pepper jack ‘cheese’, lettuce, and tomato​. Lastly, we’ve got the Multigrain Salad with Tofu. This delicious new addition combines mixed greens, wild rice, bell peppers, and sesame vinaigrette. 

Wow. A vegan mac and cheese appetizer?! We can only assume this is to the great success chefs had at Territory Lounge with the vegan mac and cheese with sausage (which is amazing and you should definitely try it out!). I’m very excited to try the mac & cheese bites as we are always looking for exciting vegan appetizers to compete with the non-vegan menu items. 

Interesting that they’ve called the burger a “vegetable burger” and not Impossible or Beyond…it looks like one of those kind of burgers, but we may have to wait to see on this. (It actually looks like a Beyond to me, and that was the one that was always available here off-menu so maybe with the Impossible partnership they just can’t note Beyond.) We know they love to use pepper jack here and with good reason, it’s a great entrance into vegan cheese if you haven’t liked other types. 

Lastly, the multigrain salad with tofu. Amazing. Looks wonderful. Adding tofu to a salad is such an easy thing and makes it packed with protein for us. This looks nice and grilled too so it’s not just crumbled raw tofu or anything. And I love a salad with grains. Can’t wait to try this. 

Without trying any of them, these look like fantastic additions and kudos to the Geyser Point chef(s) for making unique AND appetizing vegan items for us! 

Which are you most looking forward to trying? The new menu items appear on October 11. Oh and if you read the Parks Blog post, they have added some new (non-vegan) options at Three Bridges Bar & Grill over at Coronado Springs, but they make a specific note (which makes me think they are really listening and watching lol) “Attention plant-based diners! Some of your favorite plant-based bites like the Guacamole, Roasted Corn Dip, and ‘Poke’ Bowl, which is now available with tofu, aren’t going anywhere, so no need to fret.” Well thank you for that! We’ll have to wait and see if anything else has been removed – the tacos or the previously vegan salad with potatoes. Fingers crossed!

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