Vegan Lunch and Dinner at Tusker House in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We shared our vegan breakfast experience at the newly reopened Tusker House, but of course we had to go back for the vegan dinner. The lunch and dinner option are the same at Tusker House, so you can decide which time works best for you and enjoy the same great options. The price is $55 per adult and $36 per child for lunch or dinner at Tusker House. Keep reading to see our review of the vegan options at Tusker House in Disney’s Animal Kingdom park.

Tusker House Mickey

The character interactions are also the same as breakfast, so if you’re looking for fun character dining, you can decide which menu and times work best for you and plan from there. Personally, I love the characters at Tusker House. The costumes, the music, the little dance parties (which I’m sure will only improve as physical distancing rules are removed), it’s all a great time and something different.

Tusker House Vegan Appetizers

First up is the bread service. As mentioned in the breakfast review, because there really aren’t any vegan breakfast bread options, they brought us Pappadam, which is the option for lunch and dinner. Non-vegans will also receive some multi-grain rolls, but we were only given the Pappadam. I was not offered and I did not ask for the gluten-free rolls we received at breakfast because as you may remember, I am not a fan. I was totally ok with just the Pappadam in this case.

vegan bread Tusker House

The dipping sauces are 3 of the same as you would find at Sanaa with their bread service. At Tusker House we get coriander (cilantro), red pepper hummus, and mango chutney, all vegan as-is. They are all so good, it was hard to decide which one was my favorite. The Pappadam is  vegan as is, and is fried in a dedicated fryer.

Tusker House salad

Next up is the African Inspired salad, mixed greens with a side of cucumber, tomatoes, and onions, with a lemon vinaigrette. The salad was nice, and also vegan as-is, but nothing to write home about. I much preferred the dips.

Tusker House Vegan Lunch/Dinner Entrees

vegan lunch dinner Tusker House

The main course for the plant-based option is an Impossible Durban Curry. Similar to the Chickpea Curry served with breakfast, this is also served on a bed of jasmine rice. However the lunch/dinner curry has many more vegetables (at least from what we were served at breakfast). You’ll find peapods, carrots, and chickpeas, mixed with ground Impossible meat. I really enjoyed this, it was full of smoky flavors and all the spices I love from the African-inspired menus around Walt Disney World.

vegan lunch dinner Tusker House

You’re also given the side items which are all vegan as-is. All you can eat jasmine rice, mixed vegetables of green beans, corn, and carrots. The roasted potato wedges from the Tusker House breakfast make a return here. These were all delicious. I love jasmine rice and even the vegetables had a nice flavor to them.

vegan lunch dinner Tusker House

Tusker House Whole Food Vegan Options

I asked if the Impossible Curry could be made without the Impossible meat, similar to breakfast, and was told YES! You can just ask for the breakfast curry, or the dinner one to be made without the Impossible meat. I was also told that even if you wanted the curry without chickpeas for example, they could do that too. Basically, the chef I spoke to said they are there to accommodate us, and whatever we need they will do their best to create.

That was obviously wonderful to hear! When you are paying for an all-you-care-to-enjoy meal like this, great to know you won’t feel like you got “less than” because you are asking for vegan options. I know many of you all like to have whole food based options and I was excited to share that you can have a completely whole food vegan lunch or dinner that at Tusker House. Of course, creating these dishes may take a little longer, so make sure you keep that in mind. Know that your mileage may vary depending on who is in the kitchen.

Vegan breakfast Tusker House
the breakfast Chickpea Curry option

Tusker House Vegan Dessert

Lastly, the plant-based dessert option. As you may know, I am a dessert person. We were told by several people that the vegan dessert option is their favorite over the non-vegan options. While I can’t speak to comparing them, I will say, this is one of the best vegan desserts I’ve had. I love the vegan banana bread pudding I recently enjoyed at the Plaza Restaurant, but this one is a chocoholics dream come true. The vegan chocolate mousse was heavenly. I did not take a bite and think “oh, this is vegan…” it is rich, velvety and best of all, you can have seconds – or thirds!

vegan dessert Tusker House

Special thanks to Brad, our amazing server who made sure we had everything we needed. Brad even offered us coffee although the park was closed and didn’t rush us out at all. I had a wonderful time at Tusker House and will definitely be bringing the family back and making Tusker House a go-to option for a great vegan lunch or dinner (or breakfast!).

Below is our video review that includes the breakfast and lunch/dinner options. We also include some of the character fun, so keep an eye out for that. If you aren’t already subscribed to VeganDisneyFood on YouTube, make sure to do that now so you don’t miss any of the video reviews we share.

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