Vegan Options at La Hacienda de San Angel In Epcot’s Mexico

We traveled over to EPCOT’s Mexico pavilion to check out this new dish and see what other vegan options are on the La Hacienda de San Angel menu. We fondly remember the opening of La Hacienda de San Angel back in 2010 which we covered on our sister site, Zannaland. SO much has changed since then, including the vegan options available at Disney parks and resorts. I’m pretty sure just side items by themselves were the only options back then.

UPDATE: December 2021 – the previous options have been removed from the menu, and now the only option for vegans is a modified Chile Relleno and some sides. We’ve updated our post with photos of the available option. 

[Previously posted in March 2021: Before this past week, the only option entree-wise at La Hacienda was a modified “tacos vegetales” which you had to request without cheese. Now, Chick’n and Cheese Enchiladas are on the menu with vegan chick’n and vegan cheese!]

La Hacienda de San Angel
The view from our table at La Hacienda de San Angel

We started our meal with the Chips and Salsa and Guacamole with mango. It’s basically just really great guacamole with some diced mango salsa on top. For $13, you get basically a pint of guacamole so it’s a great shared starter. The chips tasted fresh and crispy and the guacamole was full of flavor. (I apologize for the quality of food photos in this post – for some reason I completely blanked on taking photos and only did video, so these are pulled from that. You can watch the full video below!) This item is still available as of December 2021.

La Hacienda de San Angel vegan chips salsa guacamole

La Hacienda de San Angel vegan guacamole

No Longer Available: [Next up, the new vegan entree. Listed on the menu as:

Plant-based Chicken Enchiladas $27

Corn tortillas filled with Chicken atop Chipotle Black Beans with Salsa Ranchera and Cheese
The description can be a little confusing. As vegans, we always have to double and triple check if the “chicken” is really “chick’n” and if the cheese is vegan. While you can usually assume if Disney notes it is Plant-based that there will be no animal products at all, it’s still second nature to be really really sure before we order. In this case, the “chick’n” is Gardein brand chick’n strips and Daiya brand shredded cheese. Everything else is completely vegan as well.
La Hacienda de San Angel vegan chicken enchiladas
Personally, I really enjoyed these. I’m not usually a fan of vegan cheese, but it worked well in this dish with the cast-iron pan it is served in. The corn tortillas are filled with black beans, cheese and the Gardein chick’n. There are also black beans and ranchera sauce under the folded tortillas.]
La Hacienda de San Angel vegan rice
Each entree comes with a “family style” side of rice, black beans and mini corn tortillas. The rice is made with chicken stock, but they do have a vegan version made with poblano peppers – you can tell the difference because the vegan version is green and the non-vegan is yellowish/orange. (Hard to tell in these photos but very noticeable in person.) The black beans usually come with cotija cheese on top, but can be requested without and you’ll be good to go.
La Hacienda de San Angel vegan rice and beans
[If Gardein chicken isn’t your thing, or even if you aren’t a fan of vegan cheese, you could most certainly request some black beans or vegetable enchiladas or tacos of some sort. Ask your server and if that doesn’t do the trick, ask to speak to a chef or manager. Under current conditions, the EPCOT chefs are multi-tasking across locations, so it may take a few minutes to locate one, but it is definitely still possible.
We asked the brand of the chick’n and cheese and it took a minute, but everyone was more than happy to find out and accommodate our requests. The entree is a little pricey, but so is everything else at Disney. 😉 It’s also the least expensive entree on the menu.]
Vegan Chile Relleno Hacienda
Now traditionally, Chile Rellenos made from roasted poblano peppers stuffed with cheese, then coated in a fluffy egg batter and fried until golden brown. Luckily, this is not how they are served here, or we’d be getting a pepper on a plate. 😉  At Hacienda de San Angel, the Chile Relleno is stuffed with rice, black beans, and zucchini, and topped with Cotija cheese and Salsa Rojo. So by removing the cheese, and using the vegan rice and black beans they have on hand, this can be modified to be vegan. 
Vegan Chili Relleno Hacienda
This looks delicious and filling. We aren’t sure why the Plant-Based Enchiladas were taken off the menu, but we know they had mixed reviews, so perhaps they weren’t selling well or there were supply issues. In any event, they also aren’t offering vegan tacos either. The Chile Relleno is now the only entree option. The Plant-Based Chicken Enchiladas are still on the menu at Maya Grill, run by the same restaurant group. 
Vegan Chili Relleno Hacienda
Thanks to Amanda Tinney who shared her photos and info with us!
The dessert option below is also still available as well as sides like the fried plantains. Just ask your server/chef to be sure when you visit. 
La Hacienda de San Angel sorbet
We ended our meal with the Sorbet Trio for $10. Vegans will know the “sorbet dessert” is usually the go-to plant-based dessert so it can get a little boring as the only option most places. This was not the case here as the fruit flavors were delicious on their own and paired together very well.
You will get a scoop of Strawberry, Guava, and Mango sorbet. We thought the guava was lemon before asking, it had a very refreshing flavor (and was white so that was why we thought lemon too). The scoops are then drizzled with a berry coulis which tasted like strawberry but was the perfect complement.
La Hacienda de San Angel
So that’s all the food options, but I didn’t even mention the views. La Hacienda de San Angel is one of my favorite spots in EPCOT for the views. In the past, we’d  plan our reservation around IllumiNations. Now you can try to time it to Harmonius. You may also get to enjoy was a beautiful sunset on the World Showcase lagoon.
Vegan Chile Relleno Hacienda


Even without a sunset or fireworks, the interior decor is really beautiful, with each room featuring a different type of lighting fixture or unique detail of some sort. The floor to ceiling windows provide views of the lagoon and all the World Showcase pavilions around you.


La Hacienda de San Angel is a very peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of EPCOT.  Hacienda is a welcome change of scenery from most table service restaurants in EPCOT which are hidden away in windowless spaces.
Here’s our video review from back in March, 2021, so you can see more of the vegan options and scenery at La Hacienda de San Angel:

Have you ever visited La Hacienda de San Angel? We’d love to hear about your experience! Let us know in the comments or share with us on social media. Be sure to tag us in your photos on instagram @VeganDisneyFood or #VeganDisneyFood so we can see your vegan foodie discoveries!



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