Swirls on the Water Vegan Dole Whip Flight at Disney Springs

Just because Disney likes to keep us on our toes, they recently took the Dole Whip that was available at Marketplace Snacks in Disney Springs, and moved it over to the former spot of AristoCrepes, creating Swirls on the Water – and we’ll tell you what’s vegan there! 

Swirls on the Water Disney Springs

AristoCrepes is no more, which isn’t too sad for us, because there was nothing vegan there anyway. Located right before Rainforest Cafe, if you take the bridge from the Lego Store area, this spot is now called Swirls on the Water.

Swirls on the Water Disney Springs

The Dole Whip nachos previously available at Marketplace Snacks have made the cut here. However, because the waffle cones they used as the “nacho chips” are not vegan, we sadly cannot order this treat. The boba balls they use on top are vegan though, so you may be able to talk a cast member into adding some to your Dole Whip. Now let’s get to what else you CAN enjoy that’s vegan at Swirls on the Water!

Vegan at Swirls on the Water

The current menu, which may change or have seasonal additions like Marketplace Snacks did, features Pineapple Dole Whip, Vanilla Soft Serve (not vegan), Lemon Dole Whip, Blueberry Cookie Dough Soft Serve (not vegan), Lime Dole Whip (Currently Watermelon – flavors will change over time), and Habanero Soft Serve (not vegan). Each of those flavors can be swirled with their soft serve counterparts, which means, yep, no swirls for us. You can ask them to mix your Dole Whip flavors, but they’ll just be on top of each other. 

Swirls on the Water Disney Springs

Also available are Dole Whip Floats with pineapple juice ($5.99), pineapple juice and rum (spiced or coconut) ($11.99), and sangria ($10.99). Additionally, we have a fun Dole Whip Flight ($6.49), with toppings. Let’s see more about that, which we do have to modify to be vegan.

Swirls on the Water Disney Springs vegan Dole Whip Flight

Here you see the float with Pineapple on the left, served with a slice of fresh pineapple, Lemon in the middle, with raspberry topping and Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Sprinkles (which we have since learned most likely contain confectioners glaze which uses shellac and therefore is not vegan – so skip the sprinkles!), and on the right, Lime with Tajin spice. You can mix and match those toppings and possibly add the Boba from the nachos instead. UPDATE July 2022: The Lime has been replaced with Watermelon for the summer. There is also an Orange Bird Cone available until the end of August which is vegan without the Orange Bird disc or the sprinkles. You can also get a Watermelon and Orange swirl! 




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Swirls on the Water Disney Springs vegan Dole Whip Flight

If you would like to get just a Dole Whip in a cup or a cone (the cones they have for that are vegan as of right now) you can do so for $4.99 in a cup and $5.49 in a cone, plus tax. You could get the 50th Celebration Cone without the swirl and without the Mickey topper (which isn’t vegan) or the sprinkles (which are also not vegan), at the same price, $5.49. 

So there you have it, the vegan options at the all-new Swirls on the Water. For more Dole Whip goodness throughout ALL Disney Parks and Resorts, including Aulani, check out our Ultimate Dole Whip Guide. Let us know if you try Swirls on the Water or any other Disney Springs Vegan options.

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