Vegan Options at Reopened Cape May Cafe at Disney’s Beach Club Resort

We have reviewed Cape May Cafe’s vegan options in the past, but Cape May Café recently reopened after a long hiatus during the pandemic with a new vegan menu. We’ve missed Chef TJ’s vegan Cape May Café magic but luckily he could still be found at Beaches & Cream, creating his vegan creations for anyone lucky enough to dine when he was working. Previously, Chef TJ would serve 8-course vegan meals at Trail’s End, so we were excited to see what Cape May’s reopening meant for vegan and Chef TJ fans. You can view the Walt Disney World’s official Cape May Cafe dinner menu here.

What’s Vegan at Disney’s Cape May Cafe with Chef TJ at the Beach Club Resort in Walt Disney World

Cape May Café Dinner Details:

  • Cape May Café is normally a buffet-style restaurant, primarily serving seafood. Even with the buffet closed, the smells of the seafood cooking fills the restaurant and walkway around it, so if that is a no-go for you, you may want to choose another place to dine at Disney.
  • With the reopening, food is now served family-style, still all-you-care-to-enjoy (Disney-speak for all-you-can-eat).
  • The price is $42 for adults and $25 for children aged 3-9, plus tax and gratuity.
  • It is open for dinner from 5-9pm, and breakfast from 7:30-11:30am.
  • Previously, the breakfast was a character dining location but that is no longer the case as of now.

Cape May Cafe menu board

Cape May Cafe’s vegan options:

Chef TJ was off when we were there, but we still received all the new plant-based options available at Cape May. We were given two vegan/gluten-free rolls which are brought out with Earth Balance butter.  Non-vegans are offered Parker House Rolls and Corn Bread, with 3 types of spreads, so it’s disappointing there isn’t a vegan corn bread option. These rolls were terrible actually, but I think it’s because of how they heat them up to bring them out warm. They are clearly microwaved, so if you don’t eat it within 30 seconds, it’s going to turn to stone and be impossible to pull apart. UPDATE! A friend dined at Cape May Cafe last night and was given a completely different vegan bread option! See photo below.

vegan bread Cape May Cafe
I was given 2 rolls, but forgot to take a photo (it’s on our video tho!)

vegan breadsticks Cape May Cafe

Now this is more like it. Two sourdough breadsticks confirmed vegan by the chef, served with Earth Balance spread. Apparently they ran out of these over the weekend when we attended.

Seasonal Harvest Salad which consists of – Arugula, Kale, and Romaine with Orange Segments, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onions, and Sun-dried Cherries, with a Citrus-Vanilla Vinaigrette. It comes in a nice bowl with tongs to serve yourself.

plant-based salad Cape May Cafe

I love a good vinaigrette and this did not disappoint. A nice salad option for the whole table, that happens to be plant-based as well.

plant-based salad Cape May Cafe

You then have a choice of a Portobello Steak or a Tofu Platter, available upon request. Don’t worry, you can get both!

Vegan Cape May Cafe Entrees:

vegan Portobello Steak Cape May Cafe

Portobello Steak – a sliced whole balsamic glazed Portobello mushroom served with mixed vegetables on a bed of cork-screw pasta. The balsamic glaze/sauce was tossed throughout this dish and really gave it a great flavor. Personally, I love mushrooms, especially Portobellos, so this was a wonderful dish. It was simple, but very veggie-forward, something I would make at home but happy to enjoy out too.

vegan Tofu Platter Cape May Cafe

Tofu Platter – glazed chunks of crispy tofu with rice and mixed vegetables like onions, zucchini, carrots and chopped green beans. Everything is served on a bed of plain rice. This dish was *delicious*. I only wish there were a lot more pieces of tofu. You can ask for more if you’d like but I was given double servings of each item so I was quite full. The glaze on this is orange in flavor and went so well with the vegetables. The rice underneath was very plain, it seemed to be made with a lot of olive oil, but a nice option to pair with the veggies and tofu. This entree is also gluten-free, where the pasta dish is not.

Vegan Cape May Cafe Dessert:

Dessert normally consists of “House-made assorted desserts” but a plant-based Tiramisu is available upon request. Three layers of espresso soaked sponge cake with vegan cream filling.

vegan tiramisu Cape May Cafe

The dessert is very vaguely Tiramisu. It’s a lovely cake with cream filling layers and a dusting of espresso and cocoa powder on top, but not a usual espresso-soaked Tiramisu. The cake layers themselves are pretty dry but taste nice. The cream filling tasted like it was probably tofu-based but I’m not positive. I asked a chef and was told they were made in the mornings by the pastry staff and they don’t know what’s in it. I was told it was not gluten-free, however. The topping tasted like coffee but the rest was just a nice vanilla-ish cream cake. I do appreciate that this dessert exists but I think the cake needs a bit more soaking in espresso.

Cape May Cafe

I really liked these new vegan options at Cape May Cafe. The fact that we have two dinner entree options and all we can eat, AND vegetable forward dishes, make it worth it in my opinion.

If you’d like to see the food and hear my thoughts as I try everything, watch our video Cape May Cafe vegan review below:

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